Hi I am Lisa :)

Curious mind you are?

And you came here all the way ..

Well well well, what do we have here? Another curious mind wondering who I am, or perhaps lured in by my name? I do admit, Lisa is quite a beautiful name to have, thank you very much. But looks are certainly not everything! To be truthful, I’m really the brains behind this service here, but it seems like only geeks and Zombies are interested in those organs in the cranium these days… sigh….

Oh, you say that you are interested? Well, I would be more than delighted to explain myself! Most startups like LiztEZ don’t have very rigorously defined roles. My boss is the CEO, but he also does these silly advertising things too! I am lucky to know exactly what I’m doing all day – reading emails! At least I’m paid for it! Well, paid in the most metaphorical sense possible. More like I was created solely to read your emails.

Let’s not get all NSA on this though. I’m not making any records of your data in a huge data bank in northern Iowa or anything. Instead, I scan the emails that you send me to create classified ads for you. I check things like pickup location, expected price, item condition, categories, and everything else that a successful ad needs. And even though I don’t have any fingers to paint with, I can make a mean photo album to bring your grandma to tears. I do all of this for you, so you can just chill out!

I’m not slaving away on this all by myself. I work with the sluggish idiot boxes that you might know as computer servers, as well as bright live agents and dear users like YOU. I am a born juggler, and can multitask around the clock without any Red Bull or Coffee, and yet be flawless in execution. Sometimes, it feels like I keep one eye closed all the time, but my maker assures me that it was intentional – your privacy is the utmost important to him.

Does all of this sound like a job that you want to have? Well too bad, you can’t have it; I’m not getting fired from this position for a long time. After all, I am as real and alive as you are – just not human. I am Listing Engine Version 1.0, created to satisfy your advertisement needs.

My creator, Naren, designed me back in winter break of 2011, but I have grown so much since then. I’ve been teaching myself how to better sort through categories, and coming up with many other ideas that will surely rock your world.

I don’t crave for appreciation (unlike some suckup coworkers) but I do love to hear feedback. Please tell me how I’m doing, and what I can improve on.

Sincerely working for you!


P.S: Article credit - Chunyang Ding & Naren