Words of encouragement by real users

"Great first time experience"

"I had a great first item experience with LiztEZ. I had tried to sell a 32” CRT TV 3 times on craigslist and twice had email phone exchanges and it fell through even before they looked at the TV. Plus I had to do work to re-post it every week. Then I posted it on LiztEZ figuring I’d give it a try. I sort of forgot about it and about 3 weeks after posting it someone contacted me and I sold it the next day. I’ll be using LiztEZ for future sale items" - Scott Tucker (@Microsoft)

"Love the concept"

"It's amazing how I can just email to create classifieds. I clicked pictures of all my extra stuff in the garage and emailed them one by one while commuting from the bus. Since ads are published on Facebook they get much higher visibility, and were sold very quickly. I didn't receive a single fake or SPAM response. I love the concept." - Peter (@Microsoft)

"Excellent Experience"

"Wanted to send you a note to thank you for your amazing service. I signed up yesterday with the hopes of selling a piano (which is never an easy thing to sell). I had 3 inquiries within the first 3 hours, and it was sold to the first person who came to look at it. I will definitely be listing more items as I am downsizing my home and have a few big items that need to go. Thank you for a wonderful experience!" - Allison (@Microsoft)

"Great idea and simple to use"

"It was extremely helpful to just send an email to create classifieds. I wrote the description and added the pictures and emailed which got the visibility rightaway. Since all advertisements are published on Facebook it gets much greater visibility, i got some inquiries right away. . great idea and it was simple to use." - Meera (@Microsoft)